Author: Brian

  • Water Damage from Cracked Waste Line – West Hartford, CT

    Job location: SuperCuts Albany Ave., West Hartford, CT Cracked PVC waste line caused water leakage over several weeks (or possibly months) causing excessive drywall damage and mold. I removed damaged drywall, repaired broken pipe, installed new drywall, painted and reapplied wall paper and cove base.    

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  • Wall Replacement due to Water Damage – West Hartford, CT

    Job location: Argyle Ave., West Hartford, CT Wall studs had excessive rot due to improper construction and lack of proper flashing. I needed to rebuild part of concrete foundation, re-frame stud wall, install plywood, new windows, and stucco. Then insulate, drywall, tape drywall with joint compound, trim windows & baseboard...

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  • Kitchen Cabinet Alteration – Unionville, CT

    Job location: Hillside Ave., Unionville, CT Customer had a new refrigerator that was too tall and wouldn’t fit under the overhead cabinet. I had to cut the cabinet in place using a cutting guide along with a jigsaw. I also needed to hand cut some of the cabinet in those...

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  • Drywall Repair – West Hartford, CT

    Job Location: Bretton Road, West Hartford, Connecticut Repair section of drywall which was smashed in due to children playing. The wall was actually only 3/8″ drywall not 1/2″ and the studs were spaced at 20″ not the usual 16″ on center per building code. These 2 issues allowed the...

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  • Hot Water Heater Replacement – Bristol, CT

    Job location: SuperCuts, Farmington Avenue, Bristol, CT I just finished installing a new hot water heater at SuperCuts in Bristol. The install took longer than a typical hot water heater usually takes. The piping was a little tricky and the electrical hookup was just crazy. The wiring which had...

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  • Painting & Plaster Repair – Bedford, NY

    Job location: Holmes Lane, Bedford, New York My customer had several cracks and water stains on their family room ceiling. I first needed to cut back the cracked/loose plaster areas to get to a solid surface I could work with. I then covered each of the damaged areas with...

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  • Basement Entry Vestibule – Glastonbury CT

    Job location: Tall Timbers Road, Glastonbury Connecticut. My customer wanted to get rid of a temporary plywood basement door and create a proper entryway leading from the bulkhead door stairs into the basement. I framed an entry vestibule out of 2×4’s, insulated the walls, installed 1/2″ plywood on the...

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  • Door Closer Repair – Wilton, CT

    Job location: SuperCuts, 35 Danbury Road, Wilton, Connecticut. This front entry door closer had fallen off because the mounting screws had stripped. Since I could nor re-use the existing screw holes I needed to drill new holes to mount the closer and tap new screw threads. I used thread...

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  • Plane Down Door

    Plane Down Solid Wood Door – Glastonbury CT

    Job location: Tall Timbers Road in Glastonbury, Connecticut. This door had swollen over time, which many solid wood doors do. I had to plane the door edge down and recess the lock slightly to not interfere with the strike plate. I then stained the edge with 2 coats of...

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