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  • Drywall Repair – Bartram Springs, Jacksonville

    I needed to repair section of drywall which was smashed in due to children playing. The wall was actually only 3/8″ drywall not 1/2″ and the studs were spaced at 20″ not the usual 16″ on center per building code. These 2 issues allowed the wall to be damaged easily. I replaced the damaged drywall with 1/2″ Sheetrock and added horizontal studs for additional support. I taped the joints and some other cracks & holes with 4 coats of Sheetrock brand hot mud, sped up drying between coats with a heat gun, gave the repairs a light final sanding, primed the repaired areas, then gave the whole wall a finish coat of paint which was matched from the damaged section of drywall that was removed.

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