Our Work

New Fireplace Surround – Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, CT

This is a project I did a few years ago at a house on Asylum Road in West Hartford. The customer wanted to cover up the dark old brick on the fireplace and make a mantle surround that gave the room a more “beachy feel.” I thought this bead board was a perfect fit! After […]

Move Clothes Dryer – Supercuts, Farmington Avenue, Bristol, CT

I was hired to move the clothes dryer at Supercuts on Farmington Avenue in Bristol, CT because it was blocking access to the circuit breaker panel. I first needed to move the shelving unit out of the way, replace missing cove base, re-route the dryer’s vent, electrical conduit & outlet, then move the dryer into […]

TREX Deck Installation – Ledgewood Road, West Hartford, CT

We replaced an old decaying wood deck at a house in West Hartford, CT recently. The customer decided to go with a grey composite TREX decking to extend the life of the deck and cut down on mold & algae growth. TREX decking also looks great and will need hardly any maintenance for years to […]

Panic Bar Exit Device Installation – Supercuts on Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT

I just completed installing a panic bar exit device at Supercuts on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield, CT. The old one broke and had fallen off. These devices are in stock at most Home Depot which made for a quick repair.

Wall Repair & Painting – Vineyard Vines, West Farms Mall, Farmington, CT

I was hired to repair the wall outside of the Vineyard Vines store at the West Farms Mall in Farmington, CT. The wall was scratched up due to the chair backs bumping into it. I needed to plaster, sand, prime and paint the wall panel behind the whale logo.

Bathroom Ceiling Replacement due to Toilet Leak – Bristol, CT

Bathroom Ceiling Replacement Details.. Here are the details of bathroom ceiling replacement job I just completed in West Hartford: Due to an improperly installed toilet in the bathroom of the 3rd floor apartment upstairs, the ceiling in the lower unit began to leak and show signs of excessive mold. After repairing the upstairs bathroom’s toilet […]

Drywall Repair & Popcorn Ceiling Re-texturing – West Hartford, CT

Drywall Repair Job Details.. Here are the details of a drywall repair and re-texturing job I just completed in West Hartford: Due to a plumbing leak, my customer’s plumber needed to open up the walls in several areas of the home in order to replace damaged copper pipes with Pex flexible piping. I was then […]

Water Damage from Cracked Waste Line – West Hartford, CT

Job location: SuperCuts Albany Ave., West Hartford, CT Cracked PVC waste line caused water leakage over several weeks (or possibly months) causing excessive drywall damage and mold. I removed damaged drywall, repaired broken pipe, installed new drywall, painted and reapplied wall paper and cove base.    

Wall Replacement due to Water Damage – West Hartford, CT

Job location: Argyle Ave., West Hartford, CT Wall studs had excessive rot due to improper construction and lack of proper flashing. I needed to rebuild part of concrete foundation, re-frame stud wall, install plywood, new windows, and stucco. Then insulate, drywall, tape drywall with joint compound, trim windows & baseboard and finish paint room (trim & […]

Kitchen Cabinet Alteration – Unionville, CT

Job location: Hillside Ave., Unionville, CT Customer had a new refrigerator that was too tall and wouldn’t fit under the overhead cabinet. I had to cut the cabinet in place using a cutting guide along with a jigsaw. I also needed to hand cut some of the cabinet in those hard to reach areas.     […]

Drywall Repair – West Hartford, CT

Job Location: Bretton Road, West Hartford, Connecticut Repair section of drywall which was smashed in due to children playing. The wall was actually only 3/8″ drywall not 1/2″ and the studs were spaced at 20″ not the usual 16″ on center per building code. These 2 issues allowed the wall to be damaged easily. I […]

Hot Water Heater Replacement – Bristol, CT

Job location: SuperCuts, Farmington Avenue, Bristol, CT I just finished installing a new hot water heater at SuperCuts in Bristol. The install took longer than a typical hot water heater usually takes. The piping was a little tricky and the electrical hookup was just crazy. The wiring which had to be fed into the hot […]