Painting & Plaster Repair – Bedford, NY

Job location: Holmes Lane, Bedford, New York

My customer had several cracks and water stains on their family room ceiling. I first needed to cut back the cracked/loose plaster areas to get to a solid surface I could work with. I then covered each of the damaged areas with fiberglass mesh tape and applied 4 coats of Sheetrock brand hot mud (which is a hand mixed fast drying plaster and is much stronger than traditional joint compound). To speed up the drying process I used a heat gun blow dryer to dry the plaster after each application, then finish sanded all the repairs. I then primed the new plaster repairs and gave the entire ceiling 2 coats of paint to ensure a perfect finish.

I also did some work in their downstairs guest bathroom. I painted a white vanity green , painted some stained baseboard white (1 coat BIN primer and 2 coats semi-gloss paint), and swapped out a wooden towel bar for brushed nickel & replaced a wooden toilet seat with a nice new white one.

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